PR Management


Public Relations like Press Release involve creating communications based on knowledge, research and creativity, in local as well as global media. Communications that address critical issues by favourably influencing existing perceptions within the target audience.

'Public Relations' as a profession has made rapid progress. The major public sector and private organisations today have recognised the importance of Public relations as a management function. Specially in a competitive environment, PR Management has a responsible role to play. The public opinion, social responsibilities of public relations, multimedia, Press Release campaigns, problem analysis, message formulation, budgeting, assessment of results - all these are various aspects of Public Relations.To help keep pace with the changing scenario, PR Solution has emerged as a competent public relations agency, backed by professionalism and expertise. It offers a wide range of services.

It promotes the company’s image, arranges exhibitions and multi-media presentations, conducts market research and provides necessary feed back, conducts Road shows and similar campaigns.PR Solution has a team of highly competent, professionals with years of experience in the field of Public Relations. It involves good performance communicated effectively through relationship-building initiatives and consistent messages to key audiences.